Skill Market


What is the Skill Market entertainment system and which advantages it has

The original scheme for determining the cash prize

While maintaining a recognizable, attractive visualization, a method for obtaining a cash prize without using a random number generator is proposed. The availability and amount of the prize depends on the individual qualities and skills of the participant performing the proposed competitive task. This feature allows you to position the product outside the restrictions of the gambling business.

Legal review

All stages of the work are made out by the relevant legal documents. The presence of a test site with the results of competitive tasks allows you to verify the correctness of the proposed scheme.

Library of competitive tasks

The set of competitive tasks is quite wide and meets the expectations of a demanding player. The logic and progress of the task maintain a constant interest and engagement. The symbols used are the original development, not infringing the copyright of third-party manufacturers.

Additional bonuses

The participants are provided with the “Skill Prize” and “Cashback " promotions, which allow them to receive additional cash prizes during the competition and at its end.